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Kary Adam

Originally from San Diego, California, Kary Adam lived in the “Gem Capital of the World” - Bangkok, Thailand, sourcing local gem
stones and working with local Metal Smiths on his designs from 2001 until August 2015.

His relationship with Gems and Jewelry started in 1997 when he took a trip to Asia and stopped in Bangkok for 2 weeks.

While he was there, he bought a 23kt Thai gold necklace, something he had wanted since he was 14 years old and seen at a gem show in San Diego. On his first day back to work from that Asia trip, seven co-workers asked him to sell them his gold necklace. This gave him the idea that he should supply them with what they had asked for. Three months later he was back in Bangkok and bought more Thai Gold Jewelry and several loose Sapphires.

This led to several years of traveling back and forth, buying and learning about gemstones and gold, designing and having jewelry made, and selling the jewelry he had made in Bangkok back in the USA and the UK.

In July of 2001, he moved to Bangkok to study Gemology and base his production there. He continues to follow his passion for designing Unique Beautiful Custom Jewelry and he has been doing this ever since!

“Follow your dreams, get involved in life, in the things that interest you. If you are going to create a business, make sure it is your hobby, your passion or something that you really enjoy.”

                                                                                                          Sir Richard Branson, on Success

(2002) - Degree in Gemology - Asian Institute of Gemological Science, Bangkok 

(2003 to 2005) - Class Instructor in Colored Stones - Asian Institute of Gemological Science

(2006) - Class Instructor Gemological School of Thailand


About Kary Adam